Fire Inspections & Permits

Fire Inspections Defined

Annual Inspections: Commercial properties in the City of Black Hawk are required to undergo an annual fire and life safety inspection. The City of Black Hawk Fire Inspector will schedule the annual inspection for commercial properties. Re-inspections will be conducted to confirm that discrepancies noted in previous reports were corrected for conformance with applicable codes. Fees will be assessed based on the City's Fee Schedule.

Compliance Inspections: For the safety of our community, regular compliance inspections occur.

Residential Fire Safety Inspections: Residential fire safety inspections can be requested of the Fire Department. These are voluntary for the fire and life safety of our residents and there is no fee.

Construction Inspections: These inpections must be requested through the Community Planning & Development Department. Construction inspections can include sprinkler and alarm inspection as well and new construction and remodels. Fees will be assessed based onthe City's Fee Schedule.

  • All Construction Inspections must be scheduled 5 days in advance. Inspections received after 5:00 p.m. in accordance with the 5-day requirement will be processed on the next business day. Any inspection requests outside of the designated business hours will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • NOTICE: Permits, approved plans, and inspection reports shall be on-site and available for the inspector. Failure to have the approved permits, plans, and reports available may result in a dismissed inspection.

Schedule an Inspection

To schedule an Annual, Compliance, or Residential Fire Inspection, please call 303-582-2255 or email your request.

To schedule a Construction Inspection, please contact the Community Planning & Development Department.

  • Scheduled Fire Inspections will be conducted Monday through Friday.
  • During the inspection, a person familiar with the inspection requested must be present.
  • All inspections will be conducted in accordance with the Fire Code adopted by the City of Black Hawk.
  • Black Hawk Fire Department will produce an inspection report for each inspection conducted.

Event & Promotions Fire Safety Checklist


  • The purpose of these guidelines is to familiarize business owners, maintenance departments, marketing professionals, event promoters, sponsors, and vendors with information about special event procedures and general fire safety regulations that are enforced by the City of Black Hawk Fire Department.
  • Prior notification of indoor events is not mandatory; however the City encourages event organizers to contact the Fire Department prior to an event taking place to help identify and alleviate any potential Code violations.
  • This Checklist does not replace the Special Event Permit of the City. Per Article 10, Section 6, of the Municipal Code, any individual or entity desiring to hold a special event or an annual program of special events outside of the licensed business premises within the City or upon vacant property shall obtain a special event permit from the City.
  • The City of Black Hawk Fire Department enforces the City’s adopted Fire Code. This resource can be found in Article I, Chapter 18, of the City’s Municipal Code.
  • The City of Black Hawk Fire Department is committed to promoting public safety and assisting all parties to provide a level of service that will ensure a safe and successful event. Please attentively consider fire safety risks when planning events and promotions.
  • If there are any questions, please call the Fire Inspector at 303-582-0426.

    Download Event & Promotion Fire Safety Checklist

Plan Review Process

Construction Permits (Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Building, Kitchen Hood, etc.) are issued through the Community Planning & Development Department.

Upon request, Black Hawk Fire Department will meet with the applicant or designer/contractor before, during, and after the plan review to clarify and assist in bringing the plans into compliance.

Black Hawk Fire Department will then review all aspects of the project for conformance with the Fire Code as adopted by the City of Black Hawk. During the project, Black Hawk Fire Department will also review plan revisions and can conduct reviews of deferred submittals.

Plan review fees will be included in the permit fee. Fees will be assessed based on the City's Fee Schedule.

Don Taylor, MPA MEP NRP
Fire Chief/Emergency Manager
(303) 582-2235

Rebecca Blondo, AAS
Executive Administrative Assistant
(303) 582-2248

Brad Krichau
(303) 582-2255

Fire Department Officers

Mark Schaller, AAS
A Shift Captain / Inspector
(303) 582-2225

Jennifer Hembroff, AAS
B Shift Captain / Inspector
(303) 582-2224

Shane Castro
C Shift Captain / Inspector
(303) 582-2222

Trent Ingle
A Shift Lieutenant
(303) 582-2241

Chris Reid
B Shift Lieutenant / Inspector
(303) 582-2242

Chris Williams
C Shift Lieutenant
(303) 582-2243

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