In 2008 Gilpin County and Black Hawk upgraded the emergency notification system with CodeRED, a high-speed telephone emergency notification service allowing officials the ability to deliver pre-recorded information to either targeted areas or the entire city or county.  CodeRED has the capability of making up to 60,000 phone calls an hour and will attempt to deliver the message to each residence up to 3 times in order to maximize the number of delivered messages.  It can deliver the pre-recorded message to a live person or an answering machine.  Black Hawk's previous provider did not provide cell phone numbers to the Police Department, which made it difficult to notify residents of an emergency. Citizens and businesses are being encouraged to go online and register both cell phones and Qwest phone lines to ensure we have accurate information. Information can be entered by going online and registering at The link gives citizens' access to the CodeRED 911 Form.  Citizens will be asked for a name, address, primary phone number.  Participants may also add a second phone number into the database.  This secondary number could be your cell phone, VoIP, work, or any other telephone number you would like to be called on if an emergency notification call is initiated in the area where your home is located.  Pager numbers will NOT receive the calls.