Dory Hill Cemetery

Dory Hill Cemetery Sign
Dory Hill Cemetery Sign

In the mid-1900s, the City of Black Hawk purchased the Dory Hill Cemetery.  The earliest headstones date back to the mid-1800s.  Due to the age of some of the plots, the documentation is limited.

The City has created an interactive map of the cemetery.  You can put your mouse over a gravesite, and if the pointer changes to a hand, you can left-click and open the documentation associated with that site.  If the curser does not change, then we do not have any records for that site.

Click HERE To open the interactive map.  

The Cemetery is absolutely gorgeous in the Spring with flowers blooming.  Walking around a cemetery may seem like a bizarre thing to do, but reading the headstones and seeing the dates of those passed tell numerous historical and interesting stories. 

The cemetery is located off Hwy 46, just down from Hwy 119.