Fire Watch Permit

Submit a Fire Watch Permit Request

Fire Watch Permit requests shall be submitted to the Fire Department a minimum of 12 hours in advance of scheduled work which creates potential hazardous fire and life safety conditions.

Temporary Fire Watch: Permit is valid for a period not to exceed 24 hours from approved start date and time, unless otherwise authorized.

Temporary Fire Watch Permit Request

Extended Fire Watch: Permit is valid for a period not to exceed 30 days from date and time issued.

Extended Fire Watch Permit Request

Fire Watch Log Sheet

Fire watch personnel provide temporary fire safety where there are potential fire and life safety hazards. A fire watch log sheet shall be maintained by fire watch personnel during the duration of an approved fire watch. When fire watch is completed, a copy of the fire watch log must be returned to the Black Hawk Fire Department with assigned permit number.

Fire Watch Log

Fire Watch Requirements

The City of Black Hawk is authorized to require fire watches, address large public assemblies, and provide specific requirements for crowd managers. For reference, listed below are excerpts from the City's Fire Code regarding special requirements for public safety in relation to fire watch.

The City of Black Hawk Fire Code is amended by deleting in its entirety Subsections 403.12.1.1 and 403.12.1.2 and amended by adding new subsections 403.12.1.3 through 403.12.1.7 Required Fire Watch Permit.

Fire Watch

A temporary measure intended to ensure continuous and systematic surveillance of a building or portion thereof by one or more qualified individuals for the purposes of identifying and controlling fire hazards, detecting early signs of unwanted fire, raising an alarm of fire and notifying the fire department. 

403.12.1 Fire watch personnel.

Where, in the opinion of the fire code official, it is essential for public safety in a place of assembly or any other place where people congregate, because of the number of persons, or the nature of the performance, exhibition, display, contest or activity, the owner, agent or lessee shall provide one or more fire watch personnel, as required and approved. Fire watch personnel shall comply with Subsections 403.12.1.3 through 403.12.1.7.

403.12.1.3 When required.

A fire watch permit shall be required:

  1. When required by other sections of this code.
  2. When the Fire Code Official deems a condition essential for public safety.
  3. When the Fire Code Official determines that conditions may result in a rekindle.
  4. When the fire alarm system is off-line or out of service for repairs or maintenance.
  5. When the fire suppression system is off-line or out of service for repairs or maintenance.
  6. Fire Watch Permits shall be valid for a period not to exceed 24 hours unless otherwise authorized by the fire chief or the fire code official.

403.12.1.4 Financial responsibility.

The property owner, the tenant or occupant in control of the premises shall be responsible for the cost of providing a fire watch.

403.12.1.5 Qualifications.

Personnel assigned to fire watch duties shall possess the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Shall be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Shall be able to speak, read, and understand English.
  3. Shall be capable of executing the duties and responsibilities as specified in Section 403.12.1.7.
  4. Shall be capable of operating a mobile telephone and/or portable radio.
  5. Shall be capable of walking the assigned watch area.

403.12.1.6 Number and hours.

The Fire Code Official shall specify the number of fire watch personnel required and the hours during which they must be present based on the conditions and size of the facility.

403.12.1.7 Duties and responsibilities.

Fire watch duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Know the address of the facility being watched.
  2. Shall be equipped with a mobile telephone that can be used to contact 9-1-1 or a portable radio that can be used to communicate with a constantly attended security/communications center.
  3. Continuously make rounds and monitor all assigned areas.
  4. Immediately report any sign of smoke, fire or other emergency to 9-1-1 or to the security/communications center.
  5. In the event of any sign of fire or smoke shall activate the fire alarm system when the building is equipped with such a system or notify those present to evacuate the building or area.
  6. Shall assist with the evacuation of people present in the area.
  7. Keep a fire watch log that includes the following information:

- Identifies the building or area by name and address that is under watch.
- The date and time each round or tour is completed, plus comments on what was observed.
- Each entry shall contain the name and signature of the person conducting the watch.
- Fire watch logs shall be immediately accessible for review by the Fire Code Official. A copy of the fire watch log shall be submitted to the Black Hawk Fire Department, Fire Prevention Division when the watch is concluded ([email protected]).

Fire watch personnel shall not be assigned additional duties during their fire watch tour.

If you have further questions, please contact the Fire Inspector at 303-582-2255.