Wishful Thinkin' Sculpture

Artist Shalah Perkins
Cowboy draining his boot of water
Wishful Thinkin'

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Artist Shalah Perkins







Wishful Think' is a playful sculpture that serves as a water feature with an endless stream of water pouring out of a cowboy’s boot was created by Colorado native Shalah Perkins, a cattle rancher turned sculptor and poet. It wasn’t until after a bout with cancer in her early 40s that Perkins discovered her talents as an artist. Her works can now be found in public and corporate collections all over the Western United States. After learning to sculpt, Perkins found that she was interested in writing poetry as well and began composing poems to go along with her bronze pieces. Perkins said, “Somewhere along the way, the poetry became half of the whole. Part of a physical expression of spiritual beauty so that I think of my art as sculpted poetry.”