Fire Department

BillboardThe City has established certain health and safety practices to ensure a safe working environment. Advance appointments are required to enter City facilities. Please visit our Health & Safety webpage for more information.

fire department logoThe Black Hawk Fire Department was established in 1879 and functioned as a 100% volunteer City service for 114 years. Since 1993, when they became a paid department, this relatively small department in a rural area has provided fire and medical response to a transient population that can exceed 40,000 people on any given day. Black Hawk Fire runs out of one station with four fire apparatus, a utility, and a command vehicle. The station also houses two Gilpin Ambulance Authority ambulances which are staffed at the Paramedic level. All staff members work a 3-shift, 48/96 rotation.

Mission Statement

"It is our mission to save lives, protect property, and serve our community with professionalism, integrity, and efficiency. Our department exists to serve our community and visitors through the promotion of public safety, timely service of emergency response, and an overall willingness to assist wherever needed."

Department Motto

"Preserving the past, protecting the future"

Vision Statement

"BHFD will be recognized as a leader in the fire service, respected by our peers and the community. By investing in community education, the highest standards of training, quality staffing, and equipment, we will strive to be the best emergency service provider in the State of Colorado while also maintaining a proud community with a strong sense of safety."

Core Values

To our Community; "We owe our community professionalism, integrity, and the highest level of compassionate service."

To our Department; "We owe this department our full commitment and dedication inspiring each other and believing that every action reflects on all members of the department both past, present, and future."

To each other; "We owe each other a supportive environment surrounded by trust and respect for every individual while maintaining a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie."

To ourselves; "We owe ourselves continued improvement through education and training. Maintaining a physical and mental well-being for ourselves and taking pride in our chosen career."


The Black Hawk Fire Department currently has 23 full-time uniformed personnel. All personnel are fire, hazardous materials, and medically trained to a minimum of the EMT-IV level. Gilpin Ambulance Authority houses two ambulances at the fire station and both Gilpin Ambulances are staffed at the paramedic level.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Christopher Woolley Fire Chief/Emergency Manager (303) 582-2235
Rebecca Blondo Executive Administrative Assistant (303) 582-2248
Mark Schaller A Shift Captain / Inspector (303) 582-2225
Jennifer Hembroff B Shift Captain / Inspector (303) 582-2224
Shane Castro C Shift Captain / Inspector (303) 582-2222
Trent Ingle C Shift Lieutenant (303) 582-2241
Chris Williams B Shift Lieutenant (303) 582-2243