Water Department

The City of Black Hawk Water Department is responsible for providing the entire City of Black Hawk, including residents and visitors, with high quality and safe drinking water. Through a variety of water resources, treatment techniques and water plants, this department has used the latest innovation to provide this mountain city with the cleanest and safest water possible.

The Dory Hill Water Treatment Plant treats surface water from North Clear Creek and from various wells and springs up Dory Hill Road. The plant was recently upgraded in 2015 to a new membrane treatment process. The process includes coagulation and flocculation as pre-treatment and pre-oxidation for reducing organics in the raw water, and membranes for micro filtration.

The Hidden Valley Water Treatment Plant treats surface water from Clear Creek and is a conventional water treatment plant, meaning it uses coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration, before chlorine disinfection. The Hidden Valley Plant can remove iron and manganese from the raw water with special pressure filters that have a proprietary media designed for iron and manganese removal Hidden Valley adds lime, soda ash, and carbon dioxide to aid in the filtration process and for corrosion control. The Water Department maintains several pump stations for pumping raw and treated water. The department monitors the quality of the water, before treatment, during and after the treatment process, and throughout the distribution system. The department regulates flow and pressures in several pressure reducing stations.

Main Objectives:

  • Meet the increased demand for consistent, high quality potable water that exceeds all applicable federal, state, local and departmental requirements for safe, quality drinking water.
  • To be part of a unique working experience that offers genuine opportunities for personal growth and advancement in a consistently friendly atmosphere.
  • To grow and prosper as part of a cohesive, productive team that equally respects and is respected by fellow employees, employers and customers.
  • Establish Black Hawk as a model water treatment and distribution system.
  • Provide quality Customer Service to our customers.
  • Provide fast response to problems.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Maintain a safe, friendly working environment.
  • Project a positive image to the public.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jason Fredricks Water Superintendent (303) 582-2246
Tom Urban Utility Operator IV (303) 582-2270
Mike Sutton Utility Operator III (303) 582-2271
Mike Korsvold Utility Operator IV (303) 582-2271
Sean Shirvan Utility Operator II (303) 582-2271
Royce McLain Utility Operator II (303) 582-2270
Michael Downing Utility Operator I (303) 582-2270