Black Hawk's Future

Make History: Be Part of Black Hawk's Next Development Renaissance

Over the past 30 years, over $1 billion has been invested in land, casinos and related development. Today, Black Hawk is ranked 15th in gaming destinations by American Gaming Association, generating over 85% of Colorado's gaming revenue and hosting more than 20,000 gaming visitors daily.

The City is poised for the development of Colorado's first gaming-centric resort destination anticipated to grow the region's incremental revenue by an estimated $197 million per year.* The realignment of the position of Gregory Street has paved the way for a pedestrian-friendly, retail and hospitality paseo to broaden Black Hawk's economy and appeal.

HARD District®

History Appreciation Recreation Destination District (HARD District®) was established March 27, 2013 and is dedicated to public use, allowing the City of Black Hawk to provide recreation and destination activities for the residents and visitors of the City of Black Hawk.

In support of the continued enhancement of the Black Hawk gaming experience, the GOLD District® was established.

GOLD District®

The Gaming Outstanding Lodging and Dining District (GOLD District®) was established October 23, 2013 and represents the core of the gaming and entertainment area of the City of Black Hawk and has the characteristics of a gaming district, while recognizing the viability of gaming, lodging, and dining components located in the City's core gaming area.

*Source: Strategic Plan Black Hawk/Central City Cooperative Marketing Program Development, 2005