Liquor License/Marijuana License

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Liquor Licensing. See Black Hawk Municipal Code, Chapter 6, Articles II, III, and IV.

Under state law, it is a privilege, not a right, to hold a liquor license in the City of Black Hawk and the State of Colorado. The Colorado Legislature has determined that the issuance and supervision of liquor licenses shall be closely regulated. In Colorado, liquor licenses must be reviewed and issued by both the state and the municipality. No one can obtain a liquor license without review by both jurisdictions.

The City Council of the City of Black Hawk, Colorado, is the "Local Liquor Licensing Authority" for all licenses issued within the City of Black Hawk and is thus charged with carrying out these state-delegated duties.

Entertainment Districts and Promotional Associations. See Black Hawk Municipal Code, Chapter 6, Article XVII, Sections 6-531 through 6-540.

Promotional Association shall mean an association that is incorporated within the State that organizes and promotes entertainment activities within a Common Consumption Area and is organized or authorized by two (2) or more people or legal entities that own or lease property within an Entertainment District.  

Once certified by the Local Licensing Authority as a Promotional Association, the Association may operate a Common Consumption Area within an Entertainment District and authorize the attachment of a licensed premises to the Common Consumption Area, subject to approval by the Local Licensing Authority. 


Marijuana Licensing and Hospitality Establishments. See Black Hawk Municipal Code, Chapter 6, Articles XVIII and XIX

Types allowed at this time:

  • Retail Marijuana Stores
  • Marijuana Hospitality Establishments
  • Retail Marijuana Hospitality and Sales Establishments

Location and Limit on Number Criteria: None of the above shall be located except within that one-block portion of the History Appreciation Recreation Destination (HARD) District identified by the street addresses of 211 Gregory Street, 221 Gregory Street, 231 Gregory Street, and 241 Gregory Street.  In addition to the location limitations, no new application for each of the above shall be accepted for filing in the event one (1) of each of the above is already licensed as of the date of the proposed new application.

Types prohibited at this time:

  • Products Manufacturer Facilities
  • Cultivation Facilities
  • Testing Facilities

Staff Contacts

City Clerk / Administrative Services Director
(303) 582-2292
Deputy City Clerk
(303) 582-2221