Special Event Permit/Assembly Permit


Special Event Permits. See Black Hawk Municipal Code, Chapter 6, Article X, Sections 6-331 through 6-339.

Applications for a special event permit or an annual program of special events permits shall be made to the City Clerk upon forms provided by the City Clerk for that purpose AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR to the event. An application fee pursuant to the City of Black Hawk Fee Schedule shall be submitted at the time of application. The application shall include a site plan which shall show where the event will be held and specifically identify what effect, if any, the special event or the annual program of special events will have on private property. The application shall further provide the methods to be used to maintain public safety during the special event or the annual program of special events. 

If liquor is requested, an additional Special Event Liquor Permit may be required. Please contact the City Clerk's office for further options in order to allow liquor at your event.

Assembly Permits. See Black Hawk Municipal Code, Chapter 11, Article V, Sections 11-101 through 11-107.

The term assembly shall mean and include demonstrating, picketing, speech making, marching, holding of vigils and all other like forms of conduct which include the communication or expression of ideas, views or grievances, engaged in by one (1) or more persons, the conduct of which has the effect, purpose or propensity to draw a crowd or onlookers, and shall require a Permit through the City Clerk's office..

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