Planning & Development

Office of the Fire Marshal

Fire Planning & Development services assists existing business owners and developers by providing fire code engineering interpretation and application, fire plan review, and new construction inspections to ensure a streamlined  achievement of a certificate of occupancy in cooperation with the City of Black Hawk Community Planning & Development Department.

The City of Black Hawk has adopted the 2021 edition of the International Fire Code with referenced standards, as ammended.

Permits & Plan Review

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Fire Systems Construction Permits and Plan Reviews are arranged through the online platform, Community Core. To create a Community Core account or with any questions, please contact Black Hawk Fire Department Headquarters at 303-582-2248. 

Upon request, Black Hawk Fire Department personnel will meet with the applicant or designer/contractor before, during, and after the plan review to clarify and assist in bringing the plans into compliance.

Black Hawk Fire Department will then review all aspects of the project for conformance with the current adopted Fire Code, as amended by the City of Black Hawk. During the project, Black Hawk Fire Department will also review plan revisions and can conduct reviews of deferred submittals.

Plan Submittal & Approval Sequence

The sequence contained in this document illustrates the order in which plans need to be submitted to and approved by the Black Hawk Fire Department for new construction and tenant finish. 


Please submit complete Plan Review and Permit Application and documents electronically through Community Core for review. System design plans, reports, and cut sheets shall accompany permit application.

Through the CommunityCore portal, you can:

  • Obtain all permits
  • Request inspections
  • View inspection results
  • Track all historical permits

Minor projects have a 15 business day review time. Major projects have a 30 business day review time. Please note, the Fire Department’s architectural plan review begins after CP&D approval. Permits will expire 180 days after issuance. Applicants can request a permit extension in writing, demonstrating a justifiable cause for the request. 

Plan review fees will be included in the permit fee. Fees will be assessed based on the City's Fee Schedule.

Construction Inspections

Construction inspections conducted by the Fire Department include sprinkler and alarm inspections as well as those required with new construction and remodels. Fees will be assessed based on the City's Fee Schedule.

If you have further questions, please contact the Fire Marshal at 303-582-2255.